McGarry Consulting can help facilitate, guide and develop your organisation's strategy. What is it you do and don't do and why? Does everyone feel they've had an input into your strategy? Is it still relevant? in plain English? If not, we can help, call us today for a friendly and informal chat to learn more.



Do You Know What Your Strategic Plan A is?

Do You Know What Your Strategic Plan A is?

Strategy is crucial for organisations, it should define and guide them. It should be the rationale for everything that they do, their purpose. Everyone in the organisation should know clearly what the strategy is. They should agree as to what the organisation does, and more importantly does not do. A quick test is to ask each committee and/or senior management person to write 2-3 brief bullet points of what your organisation does and does not do. If they are not similar then you should review your strategy.

Organisations that have grown by reacting to situations (e.g. funding opportunities), that feel stretched or do things because they’ve always been done that way should strongly consider updating their strategy.  Strategy is defined as a plan of action to achieve a particular aim or objective. Every organisation needs to have a clear purpose and a co-ordinated plan to achieve that purpose. This then needs to be communicated and understood by all associated with the organisation; both internally and externally.

  1. How many people can clearly state your organisation’s purpose or priorities?
  2. Many people may know how you operate, but do they know why you do what you do?
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How do you make decisions?



McGarry Consulting operate a proven three-stage process. This is carried out in close co-operation with the organisation:

  1. Diagnose the internal and external challenges, and opportunities facing your organisation. The context. This often includes individual calls with board/committee members and staff, to ensure everyone can speak freely and all perspectives are heard
  2. Define a core guiding purpose (i.e. an approach that drives the organisation, the what and why)
  3. Develop coherent actions to carry out said purpose (the how, when, where)

Many organisations have fallen into what they do, often adding projects or programmes because an opportunity arose; and then on reflection are unable to define their central guiding purpose. Other times, people may be coming together for first time and need guidance. Either way through independent observation, research and facilitation, McGarry Consulting can work with people to clarify what their strategy is, why it is so and how best to communicate it.


Does everyone know your strategy? How do you know?

Does everyone know your strategy? How do you know?


Over the years, McGarry Consulting have witnessed several strategies that were put on people without their input or insight. When asking the staff or volunteers at ground level they often didn't understand what the strategy meant or how it affected them. At other times, organisations have a strategy but the culture of the organisation and/or strong personalities define it more than any written document. If you are considering a strategy it is important to consider who will it affect within your organisation and how? how they will have an input? how can people offer diverse opinions? and how much time you have to work on it, and resources to apply it? A strategy must be realistic and based on the best information available. You must decide what do you want from a strategy before you start the process. 

It is important that a strict timeline is set and everyone can allocate time to it. This is vital to ensure momentum and that the strategy launches and lives on as a breathing, guiding approach. A purposeful approach clearly understood by all inside and outside your organisation. For advice and further information, call McGarry Consulting today.


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