McGarry Consulting have conducted hundreds of consultations, focus groups, workshops, surveys and public meetings. We've dealt with a wide range of subjects and issues; and are familiar with the leading consulting tools and technologies. Our fresh inclusive approach avoids consultation fatigue and engages a wide audience, often in a fun and informal way.



We can facilitate group sessions encompassing strategies, feedback and public meetings. This enables you to make the most of the audience’s valuable time and even become a participant yourself. By bringing in a fresh face we can help organisations to work on key issues, and get more out of the session than traditional gatherings. We are experienced at encouraging and enticing audience engagement whilst remaining independent and impartial.



Consultations are a necessary requirement that people are increasingly weary of contributing too. We can counter consultation fatigue (too many similar consultations) by being prepared, working with local people on the ground and using proven promotional techniques and strong visuals. We can offer a variety of consultation options that create a welcoming, informal and trusting environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute. McGarry Consulting staff are all Access NI approved and able to work with young people.

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Are Often the Simplest


Many firms now adopt informal information or drop in sessions. We have conducted several of these, and can work with partners to make sure they run smoothly. This allows for people to visit and have their say who may otherwise have been unwilling or unable to go to a more formal consultation event. We are happy to discuss, which is the best approach for you.



We constantly monitor the latest technologies and survey trends to improve our offering and accuracy. McGarry Consulting can offer online surveys and analysis, communication via social media and create mobile based surveys. Consultations can become much more interesting and fun through use of games, prizes and devices such as Quizdom (interactive handsets) or services such as Sli.do (allows people in and outside the venue to interact over their own mobile phones).

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The best ideas

Start With a Cup of Tea, People and a Pen



Most of all we manage expectations, generate consensus and value participants time. We prefer to be transparent with the results of consultations and seek at all times to be as inclusive as possible. We also train clients on consultation techniques and technologies, enabling them to update and undertake future consultation surveys and sessions themselves.


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