McGarry Consulting has successfully secured multi-million-pound capital and revenue funding from a variety of sources. Secured funds range from £500 to £5m+, with many applications scoring 100% and/or ranking #1 in NI. From paper forms, to online applications, supporting documents and presentations we can help you at every stage.



We can help get your application approved more quuckly

We can help get your application approved more quuckly

Funding for community organisations, sports clubs, social economy organisations, SMEs and even public bodies can come from a variety of public, philanthropic or private sources. Funding is usually divided into two forms Capital Funding & Revenue Funding. Capital Funding normally refers to buildings and equipment (something physical with a large one-off cost). Whist Revenue Funding is more associated with running and operational costs (repeat lower value costs). The most common example is salaries, with travel, marketing and administration also popular.



The larger the funding need, the fewer funding options available and the increased prospect that multiple funders will be required. This is often referred to as ‘cocktail funding’ and normally – but not always – requires the project promoter to contribute match funding. Match funding can be in terms of cash and/or value-in-kind support (e.g. venues or volunteers). McGarry Consulting can help identify – and negotiate with – suitable funders and outline key associated terms, conditions and time-frames which can impact on the project.



We can help provide funding checklists & reviews to make sure your application is assessed

We can help provide funding checklists & reviews to make sure your application is assessed

With charitable donations continuing to decline (CAF, 2017), funding and grants are ever more important as a source of funds. Yet with increasingly lengthy and complex application forms and up to one third of applications received being ineligible (e.g. for not providing all required information); organisations should seek advice in this area. McGarry Consulting have worked on all sides (e.g. for funding bodies, departments, applicants and as independent consultants) and are familiar with many programmes, parties, processes and personalities. McGarry Consulting can help you with a funding application by managing and/or reviewing the process, and will usually operate on an exclusive basis. We will not work on competing bids for large scale funders. You get 100% of our time, trust, skills and commitment.



In addition, organisations are increasingly looking at ways to raise funds, reduce costs and administration. One way is to use technology (e.g. to take registrations and payments online) and/or to record attendance at events (e.g. via web or mobile apps). New revenue opportunities include: hiring out facilities (e.g. activity providers, theatrical productions), introducing social membership, creating new programmes (e.g. women’s sports, beginner programmes), partnering with other clubs, new sponsorship options and having large scale functions and fundraisers (e.g. Strictly Come Dancing can raise over £50k for some clubs).

McGarry Consulting can review your existing income, expenditure and administration to see where time and cash savings can be made and signpost training. We can also help you more accurately account for your value in kind contributions and social/community impact. This often enables a more reflective value for money/cost effectiveness assessment. Call us free today, to see how we can help you source funding and make your project a reality.


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ESF funding application

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Helped Grand Opera House Seek Funding

5 Year funding for sou

Secured £2m+ Funding For Special Olympics Ulster

SUbstantial 3yr funding

Secured £150k+ Funding for Couch to 5k Programmes


McGarry Consulting has previously secured funding from, among others: Arts Council, Councils (e.g. Belfast City Council), Invest NI, LCDI, NI Executive & Departments, NI Screen, PCSP, SIF and Sport NI. Funding has been sourced for charities, clubs and clients. 

We’ve successfully appealed funding decisions and resolved queries quickly for clients. This has saved jobs, increased funding levels and reduced stress for clients. Continuation and core funding has also been secured for clients by way of economic appraisals and lobbying. Our team has previously drafted EU Funding procedure manuals and audited funding selection and assessment processes for NI Departments. We’ve also completed EU funding strategies for public bodies, provided funding training and acted as expert witnesses in legal disputes.