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Funding Identification, Context & Narrative



Developed a funding narrative, story and animation on the history of the Grand Opera House and its need for funding. This carefully dovetailed with key funder (public, private and philanthropic) objectives and brought the Opera House experience and aspirations to life. It also involved understanding the current context of funding – including UK & NI funds, public bodies and tiered industry partner support models – and facilitating meetings. As part of this research McGarry Consulting examined the finances, funding and promotional tools used by theatres and event venues across NI, UK & Ireland. We analysed the latest statistics, trends and could present an honest comparison for the Opera House and identified lessons that could be learned. 


McGarry Consulting partnered with StoryBurst to provide an infographic as a unique way to showcase the history and importance of the Opera House:

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UNIQUE infographic

Helps Explain & Sell the Opera House

Nothing sells better than a good story. A good visual story works far better, and far quicker than any text based document or set of statistics. McGarry Consulting knows a good story can connect, engage, inspire, inform and educate in a more interesting and appealing way than a report. It will also standout more and provides you with more freedom to tell your story. Therefore we worked with StoryBurst to create a pilot story for the Opera House, below:

As part of our research, we explored the history and significance of the Grand Opera House. This involved examining a number of sources and multiple searches for content, context and characters that would make the story come to life for our client. McGarry Consulting's creative team found photos, stories and archive content including photos below. Did you know US General (later President) Eisenhower visited the Opera House, that Pavarotti first UK performance was at the Opera House or that in a previous carnation it was a cinema? 

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