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5 Bigger Risks to NI than Brexit

NI faces bigger challenges than Brexit. Whilst Brexit dominates the news and will impact everyone, there are five massive risks - and opportunities - facing NI that are not being suitably addressed. Issues that could divide people even more than Brexit. We outline the five challenges - Care, Education, Infrastructure, Pensions and Social Networks.

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Belfast gets £1bn City Deal - How Would You Spend It?

Belfast was given £1bn under the new City Deal. There's lot of strategies out there, but what if you applied a little fresh thinking? Cycle Networks; Re-Opening Mills; Street Tours; Painting a Whole Street or Lighting Up a Whole Arterial Road; Having 20,000 Marathon Runners Visit Every Year and the Top Indoor Sports Facility in Europe... What would TripAdvisor suggest? The 5 things we'd do to make Belfast a brighter, bolder and more active fun City

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