training: lobbying & public relations

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making your voice heard


limavady borough council - lobbying training for community groups & public sector staff

Limavady Borough Council* sought to help local community groups with training on lobbying and public relations. This was important for groups to help them raise their profile, communicate their message effectively and make the most of the ability to contact politicians

Training involved helping them understand how they were perceived in the crowded community and voluntary sector, importance of 30sec ‘elevator’ pitch and of the need to effectively distinguish and market themselves. Through anecdotes and stories, importance of consistent clear communication was emphasised along with formal and informal presentation tips, techniques and technologies.

There was then an analysis of how political/government systems to help groups understand how they could best take advantage of different levels of government; how this could fit into a wider lobbying strategy; and extent of communication and correspondence the groups would be competing against for attention.

Ever careful to be practical, we outlined a number of free and low cost methods they could try (e.g. press releases, letters to newspaper, photographs, social media, talks, petitions and contacting politicians). Pragmatically we helped them with techniques to co-ordinate all this into an effective lobbying/promotional strategy.

The event was so successful that Limavady Borough Council immediately requested McGarry Consulting to provide similar training for Limavady Borough Council’s own staff.

*Limavady Borough Council is now part of Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council