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Albert St

economic appraisal: albert st ei schemes

Department for Communities (DfC) brought 3 EI Schemes in the Lower Falls together for appraisal. These were the first pilot as part of the Building Successful Communities Programme, which was aimed at urban regeneration and housing improvement. Scheme I involved regenerating the Maureen Sheehan Centre and neighbouring lands to tackle high levels of ASB. Three new social houses were to be added, as well as street-scaping and a new car-park.

Scheme II was to transform derelict ground along the Westink into a community garden, activity area and park for local people and clubs; and managed by local groups in partnership with the Council. The final EI scheme was along Albert St and Cullingtree Road, with improved pavement, lighting, street entrances, and streetscape. This would improve the aesthetics on two key link roads, increase road safety and be the first part of a city wide community corridor.  

McGarry Consulting completed this appraisal on behalf of McAdam Design in conjunction with McIlwaine Landscape Architects. Senior DfC staff praised the quality of the appraisal and noted that they would use the new outcomes based approach - devised by McGarry Consulting - for other projects subject to economic appraisal. 


The pictures below show examples of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) in the area, but also the potential for improvement. The international wall attracts visitors and has young trees that brighten the area. The front of the Maureen Sheehan Centre (MSC)  uses different materials to create a unique setting and would be more protected. The proposed option included creating a car-park & safer access for the MSC. The works on Albert St., Cullingtree Road and Roumania Rise would reduce the opportunity for ASB and car-crime. The playground at the Frank Gillen Centre highlights how the Backpath area could be transformed into a vibrant play area for local communities. McGarry Consulting worked with project partners and chaired meeting with local stakeholders that explored long-term management options.