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Maghery Country Park & Coney island

Proposal to Regenerate Park & Access to Lough Neagh

economic appraisal: maghery country park

The Council sought to develop Maghery Country Park (MCP), to encourage tourism, business and recreation opportunities. This was in conjunction with the local community and established groups. The Park had previously had a caravan site with a nearby shop and hotel. All of which had gone and not been replaced. Council and community were keen to build on the proximity to Coney Island and the local history, heritage and beauty of the area. An economic appraisal and business plan were required for submission to funders. 



Maghery Country Park has significant heritage and history, it was the traditional departure point for Coney Island. Where St. Patrick visited and the O'Neill Clan used as a base, and store for money. The village suffered from the loss of the campsite, shop and hotel. The proposed development could be the first part of a transformation bringing people back into the area for walks, adventures sports, water sports and tourism.