consultations: carryduff greenway

McGarry Consulting are fortunate to work with many great people. The Paul Hogarth Company asked us to work with them on a business case and feasibility study for Carryduff Greenway. As part of this process a highly successful consultation event was held that had over 200 attendees. 


Over 200 attended

local community consultation

McGarry Consulting learned a lot from and contributed much to this consultation process. It was an informal drop-in information session held in Carryduff Leisure Centre. The sessions was a precursor to a community group AGM and as a leisure centre had ample parking and facilities. The layout was welcoming and had lots of visuals to facilitate individual and group discussion. There several identifiable sections that could act as standalone or flowed to encapsulate the whole idea process to delivery. Spacing it out allowed the Paul Hogarth Company and McGarry Consulting consultants to manage the space well, with some fixed and some floating. There were seats and refreshments, to make people feel at ease, and rest when needed. The consultation ran from 4:30-7pm and had over 200 people attend. 

Over 200 local people engaged in the consultation over a 2.5hr period

Over 200 local people engaged in the consultation over a 2.5hr period

large maps & visuals

The smart use of graphics brought the map to life. Having it on such a large piece of paper, enabled individuals to relate to where they lived/worked and made pointing out features etc a simple exercise. Using colour helped people to understand the different elements of the plan. The scale of the also allowed for people to gather round (sitting or standing) and enabled comments (via post-its) to be placed on the map without restricting views. Having both vertical (wall mounted) and horizontal (floor/table based) allows for better spatial perception, and makes it easier to point at.

Proposed Greenways in NI & Beyond

Proposed Greenways in NI & Beyond

NI Greenways

The DfI launched an ambitious strategy in 2016 to establish Greenways across NI. Approximately 25 primary and secondary potential greenways were identified. Greenways are traffic-free (or largely traffic-free) paths used predominantly by the general public, cyclists, runners and walkers. Ideally they are off road (e.g. tow-paths, Comber Greenway). Having safe, attractive and appealing greenways encourages a more active lifestyle, whilst encouraging and facilitating visitors. McGarry Consulting were involved in 5 Greenway Feasibility Studies and/or business cases. Of the 3 selected across NI for further assessment in 2017, 2 (67%) involved McGarry Consulting. Carryduff Greenway was one of those brought forward.