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How to develop Ballycastle Museum

How to develop Ballycastle Museum



Ballycastle Museum is located in a 18th Century listed building on Castle Street. It is owned and operated by Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council, with support from local community group, Friends of Ballycastle Museum. The museum contains over 3,000 objects focusing on Irish Home Industries and the Arts & Crafts Revival in Ulster. The building’s age is starting to show and it is struggling to meet the expectations of a 21st century visitor attraction. In response to this, the Council have sought McGarry Consulting to complete an economic appraisal (EA) into how the site can best be developed to meet local and visitor needs. This page will provide information on this process and outline ways to get involved.

Short video of Ballycastle Museum (N Ireland) as it is and ideas for development. Video shows how the main Museum looks downstairs, the possible space outside for development, key features and the little seen upstairs space & storage area.


A public information day has been set aside for the afternoon/evening of Monday 18th February to discuss Ballycastle Museum. More details will be available soon but this will be a chance for people to drop in and give their thoughts on the project. In the meantime, you are welcome to contribute via form or contact details below.


Photographs were taken from a site visit on Tuesday 15th January 2019 kindly organised by CC&G Council and Friends of Ballycastle Museum. This was out of season for the museum so most of the exhibits were wrapped or covered to protect themselves; so it is not how it would usually look to visitors. Photos are used, along with video above to give a flavour of how the museum building , collection, storage and behind the scenes areas are; and where/how potential development might take place.



The core collection relates to the early 20thcentury Irish Home Industries Workshop, The Irish Arts and Crafts Movement and the later Irish Home Industries Shop in Anne St Ballycastle. Much of the workshop collection had travelled to St Louis for the 1904 World Trade Fair in honour of President McKinley, experiencing damage on its return. However, after World War One, the shop was established and run by the nieces of the original Workshop Manager and owner, Stephen Clarke.  Artists represented in the collection include J. W. Carey, R.J Welch, John Campbell (Seaghan Mac Camthmhaoil), Joseph Campbell (Seasamh Mac Cathmhaoil), Rosamund Preager, Dublin Art Companions, Morrow Brothers and John Vinycomb.  Objects in the collection connect to the political, economic and social change being experienced throughout Ulster in the early twentieth century


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In time there will hopefully be an online survey and public information session, details will be published on this page. In the meantime if you have any feedback or comments on Ballycastle Museum, and/or the development of the Museum please let us know via the below form:

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Some news and background information regarding Ballycastle Museum:

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