Photo by  Rohan G  on  Unsplash

Photo by Rohan G on Unsplash



Across the UK and Ireland many organisations are reviewing their use of CCTV. Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council (LCCC) commissioned McGarry Consulting to carry out an economic appraisal into public space CCTV within Lisburn, Moira and Hillsborough.

The below survey was promoted by LCCC to businesses on their email list. It is now closed and further responses will not be recorded at this time.



1. Business Size *
2. Business Security *
Which of the following does your business use (tick all that apply)?
3. Business Support
How best could the Council support your business (pick only TWO options)
4. CCTV Investment *
Should the Council invest more or less than similar areas on CCTV?
5. CCTV Responsibility
Who should be responsible for public space CCTV within Lisburn, Moira and Hillsborough?
6. CCTV Impact *
On a scale of 1 (No Impact) to 5 (Major Impact), what impact has public space CCTV had on your business over the last two years?
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